Dr. Neeti S. Agrawal

Ex. Registrar, Choithram Hospital, Indore
Ex. Asist. Prof., M.P. Shah Medical College, Jamnagar, Gujrat
Professor, People's College of Medical Sciences, Bhopal.

Welcome To Vatsalya Child Clinic

Vatsalya Child Clinic are envisioned by Dr. Neeti S. Agarwal to promote parent education as the key to child health. We are a Pediatric out patient clinic (OPD) in Bhopal, (M.P) . This website is another step in our effort to improve interaction with our patrons. We would like to present information about children in an easy, colorful, entertaining & interactive way so that you can be edu-tained. We are an exclusive OPD clinic for children serving the needs of Bhopal since 2006. Dr. Neeti Agarwal is the Paediatrician in charge. For more information about him read his informal resume.